The unique combination of fresh plant cells and selected active agents is responsible for a visibly younger look and feeling of the skin. The ultimate anti-ageing skin care programme for all skin types.

A balancing matt skin care series has been developed especially for the combination skin. It cares for a clear and smooth skin.

These supplementary, highly active Special Products can be combined with ever y product of the SWISSGETAL Basic-series .

The BotoCare series lowers the muscle contraction and visibly reduces the intensity of wrinkles. The skin becomes radiant and looks younger and smoother.


The most valuable gold for your valuable skin! By searching for eternal youth and beauty, this very special and highly active formula against the signs of time has been developed. It unites fantastic characteristics and pure luxury. Purest gold engulfs the skin and lets your complexion radiate golden, due to added light-reflecting agents. This valuable anti-aging elixir, enriched with hydrated protein and
gold nano particles, revitalises and renews the skin continuously. The skin is refined and regains its clarity and youthful freshness.